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Full service food safety and compliance services to reduce foodborne illness risk and ensure compliance

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Take Advantage of Our Unique Background

With our 20+ years of experience as former regulators, corporate food safety leaders and food tech start up leaders, we blend science and industry best practice to give you practical and current solutions. 

We can help you reduce risk, build consumer trust and navigate the increasingly complex regulatory environment today!

We listen and learn about your business aspirations, operation and challenges. 

Then we create a plan to meet your desired outcomes. 

Next, we develop and implement against the plan. 

Last, we assess and refine as needed to ensure continued success

Our Specialties

Food Safety Management

A food safety management system (FSMS) lets employees know what is expected. A holistic FSMS protects customers from foodborne illness, protects brand reputation, and protects against financial loss.
We've built custom FSMS and supporting programs from scratch. We've also identified and closed gaps assessed against benchmarked standards and regulations in existing FSMS.


Bring your novel concept to market faster and reduce risk by building in food safety and regulatory compliance from concept to customer.
We've provided strategic guidance, change management planning, risk assessment, validation test design, product and process design reviews, equipment sanitary design reviews, and managed food safety and regulatory services to support commercialization.

Crisis Management

Minimize business downtime and protect your reputation during times of crisis. We've written emergency operating procedures, communication plans, and conducted mock exercises prior to foodborne illness, food recalls, water contamination, natural disasters or contagious disease incidents.
When incidents happen, we've provided expert guidance, investigation, and after-action reports. We've provided litigation consulting, environmental health site assessment and expert witness service for foodborne illness incidents.

Regulatory Strategy & Compliance

The regulatory environment is growing more complex. We help guide or liaise directly with food regulators to reduce business delays. We've provided: Market entry strategy. Regulatory research. Facility review. GMP and Food Safety Plans. Mock inspections. Health department variances. Negotiation and resolution support for mandated closures or other enforcement issues.

Food safety consulting with proven results

As business leaders, we want to protect your investment. As food safety experts, we believe everyone deserves safe, high quality food. Working with us means best in class partnership in food safety.

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