Risk-based food safety management and compliance strategies that scale to business needs


Food Safety Culture & Behavioral Systems

A strong food safety culture protects your customers from foodborne illness, protects your brand reputation, and protects your business against financial loss. Every food business has a food safety culture, it's either working for or against you. We can measure, build and help you implement program elements and training to improve or optimize your company food safety culture.

Technology & Innovation

Bring your novel or emerging food technology to market faster and reduce risk by "building-in" food safety and regulatory compliance from concept to customer. We can research applicable regulations, create a compliance strategy, identify requirements, provide tailored training to your team, review products and equipment, prepare and submit documents, liaise with external agencies and regulators to bring your novel product or equipment to market.

Crisis Management

Minimize your business downtime and protect your reputation during times of crisis. Plan for, or respond to, business-limiting events like foodborne illness, communicable disease, food recalls, natural disasters or a heightened enforcement situations. We provide regulatory liaison services to negotiate compliance conditions. We also provide litigation consult, environmental assessment and expert witness services for both plaintiff and defendant in the event of foodborne illness cases.

Hemp/CBD Regulatory Solutions

Food safety plans, GMP gap analysis, GMP program development, site selection, hygienic design and facility layout, regulatory compliance.


Food Safety
Management System

  • Gap Assessment
  • Food Safety Plan
  • Food Defense
  • Food Fraud
  • Culture Improvement
  • Supplier Management
  • Executive Coaching
  • Food Safety Talent Acquisition

Innovation &

  • Regulatory and Food Safety Research
  • Design & Functional Requirements
  • Regulatory Strategy
  • Food Safety Validation Test Design
  • Custom Training


  • Expert Witness & Litigation Consulting
  • Foodborne Illness Outbreak
  • Natural Disaster Recovery
  • Food Recall & Withdrawal
  • Enforcement Orders


  • Food Safety Plans
  • HACCP Plans
  • Variances
  • Design & Layout 
  • Equipment Selection
  • Permitting/Plan Review
  • Training
  • Compliance Inspection
  • Regulatory Research


  • Gap & Risk Analysis
  • Training 
  • Digitization & metrics
  • Acquisition risk assessment 
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Investigation and root cause analysis  
  • Food Donation 
  • Data Analytics
  • Horizon scanning, strategic planning